Submit Changes

Add or Remove folks from your Group List

Please note...

Failure to submit e-mail addresses with "add / remove" change requests will delay the updating of your group's member list.

Every group message in our system allows individuals to "unsubscribe" (remove) themselves. Instructions and links are included in the footer of every group message.

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All of the Google Groups at RVUUF allow us to assign a "Manager" to a group. This is the best way for group leaders to:

    • See who is in their group.
    • Add and Remove group members.

Contact the Tech-Admin for details... or assistance.

If you do not feel comfortable managing your own group, you may submit changes to your group using the form below.

Please note that until folks start using their assigned RVUUF Accounts, system administrators can typically only see e-mail addresses when they go to edit your list. For that reason, submitting a name is optional, but submitting an e-mail address is mandatory.

It is suggested that you copy-and-paste the addresses from a verified source, such as the RVUUF Member Directory (digital copies are available, upon request), or an e-mail message sent from the person you are submitting.

You may submit a list of addresses copied from a message header in an existing e-mail... or compose a list in a word processor program ahead of time... and then copy-and-paste that list into the appropriate form-field below.

Suggested formats to make a list to submit are shown in the below two examples (they are identical in content). You may use just addresses, add the names as shown (please remember the <> brackets), or mix-and-match as shown.

This first one is for sure the easiest one to make, and read.

It is OK (preferred really), to JUST submit e-mail addresses as shown, separated by a comma.,,

"John Smith" <>,

Susan Queue <>,

or,, "John Smith" <>, Susan Queue <>,

If you copy-and-paste a list from an e-mail message header, it will probably look like one of the above examples.

You may Contact Tech-Admin for assistance.

RVUUF Tech-Admin supports over 50 e-mail groups (some with similar names), with a possible distribution list of of over 300 people to draw names and addresses from. Following these instructions will help a lot.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.