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Google Groups... part of the Google Apps System.

For Help ... Start With:

After that, if you do a web search on what it is you are trying to do, you will likely find an answer.

If you are properly logged into the system, you will have access to more information about each group, which can include:

    • Group Member List
    • Group Message Archives

For additional help please contact the RVUUF Tech-Admin.

A Brief Introduction...

e-Group Lists are a convenient way for groups in an "Organization" (RVUUF) to communicate with each other. This Google Groups system is often referred to as a "List-Serve", which refers to the first "electronic mailing list" application, released in 1986. Since then, things have evolved a bit.

The Google Groups system is fairly complex, especially from an "Administrator" viewpoint. "Manager" level access can be complex as well. With added complexity however, comes additional benefits for communication.

As an "e-Group Member", if all you do is view the group e-mails that arrive in your "in box", the system is relatively simple. You typically have options for managing your group mail subscription on your own however. The most basic options will be listed as Links and other Information the the Message Footer of every message you receive from the group, which can include:

  • Instructions for how to post to the Group.
  • A link to Unsubscribe yourself from the list.
  • A link to access the groups "website"... which contains:
    • Archived Messages
    • A Group Member List

In General... Everyone on the list has access to this same information. However... There are ways to control what list "Members" and "Managers" can see.

Please Note:

Currently the RVUUF Google Groups system manages most "group members" (users) by e-Mail Address only (not names). To add everyone's name to the system will require issuing a "your.name@rvuuf.org" address to everyone in the "organization" (RVUUF.org). This would actually be a good thing in many ways, and is a project currently underway.

If you have an issue with any list you are on, or are currently a leader for, please be sure to include the full e-mail address for anyone you have a question about in one of RVUUF's e-Group List system. Please also include the actual e-Mail Address for the e-Group List itself.

Send your requests to the RVUUF Tech-Admin... please.