Google Drive is a Cloud-Based (located on the Web) file management system.

The Wikipedia Entry on: Google Apps for Work is an excellent general overview of the system, which includes an introduction to Google Drive.

For specific help ... to get started:

Google Help Pages

Built into Google Drive is: "Google Docs" ... which is the main function of "Drive" for RVUUF.

Google Docs is a web (cloud) based file creation system, very similar to Microsoft Office, MS Office 365, or Open Office.

For most folks, Google Docs will be a suitable replacement to Microsoft office, etc.

The biggest advantages of using Google Drive / Docs are:

  1. Web / Cloud based storage of files.
      1. This means you can access your files from any computer device connected to the Internet / Web. No need to carry files on a flash-drive, of the storage drive on a portable device (notebook or tablet PC, etc.).
    1. Document Sharing
      1. The ability to "share" files with other folks (user accounts) in the system.
      2. This works best with accounts ending in "@rvuuf.org" ... but any Google Account will work.
      3. There are 3 basic levels of document sharing:
        1. View
        2. Comment
        3. Edit
    2. Document Collaboration
      1. Once you "share" a document at the "Comment" and/or "Edit" levels, those folks can participate in the management of that document.
    3. Expanded Sharing
      1. This includes the ability to share documents via links in e-mails or on web pages.
      2. With the issuing of "@rvuuf.org" accounts, sharing can be controlled on the following levels:
        1. Individual
        2. Group (within rvuuf.org)
        3. Entire Organization (i.e. rvuuf.org).
        4. Public (everyone on the web).