Here is a list of "Frequently Asked Questions"

For general Help Information, see the e-Groups Page here.

List Access

  • How do I access the List?
    • To post to the group use the e-mail address for the group and send a message to it as you would to an individual.
      • Everyone on the list will receive a copy of your message.
      • If you have a RVUUF Account, you can access the official posting address for the Group on the "About" page for that group.
    • Please Note...
      • Some lists have restricted access for who can post. This will be apparent by an error message bounced back at you if you try to post to such a list.

Message Archives

  • How can I see an archive of messages posted to the group?
    • If your group has this featured turned on, you should be able to access the message archives via a link in the footer of every message that you receive from the group.
    • Please Note...
      • Every RVUUF e-Group List has the capability of providing group messages for viewing in a web-based archive, which can have restricted access. If you are denied access, but feel you should have it, please contact the List Manager, or Tech-Admin.

Subscription Removal

  • How can I "unsubscribe" from an e-Group that I no longer want to receive messages from?
    • In the message footer of every message you receive from the group, there should be a link that will allow you to unsubscribe yourself from that list.
      • You will need to do this for every group that you are a member of, and no longer want to get mail from.
    • Please Note...
      • If you do not see this link, or need assistance with making a removal request, please contact the List Manager, or Tech-Admin.

Message Receipt Failure

  • Why am I not receiving messages from the group?
    • The first thing to check is your "Spam" folder. Some e-mail "clients" (your messaging software) will recognize e-Group messages and handle them as "Spam", until you make an exception for them.
      • See your clients Help documentation for how to handle this, typically by setting up a "filter".
    • G-Mail style accounts, using the standard web-based client (through a browser), and/or an "App" through a hand-held device (tablet, smartphone, etc.), can have some additional special rules. If they have their "Configure Inbox" (under settings) managed with "Tabs", then the messages could be getting sorted to their "Social" tab (or something similar).
    • Please Note...
      • If you are sure the group messages are not being delivered to you in any way, then please contact the Group Leader, or Tech-Admin, and inform them of the problem.