How to Access Features in the Google Apps System for RVUUF

Account with

The first step in taking advantage of the "Google Apps" system for RVUUF is to be issued an account for

There are some very significant advantages to RVUUF for Privacy & Security by using a account. You are greatly encouraged to do so.

Your "Account ID" will look like:

    • "First.Last" is your name, which is your "user account ID".
    • "" identifies our "Domain" (i.e. our RVUUF "Organization").

Technical Administrators in the RVUUF system can issue you one of these accounts.

There are some Specialty User Accounts at, for various Committee Leaders, etc.

Please note that an account ending in is effectively the same as an account ending in The main difference being that the account allows our "organization" ( better control and management of these "Google Apps" on-line resources.

Log-in To Your Account

Everything for your Account is accessed through a "Web Browser" (using a Desktop or Laptop PC), or through a specific "App" on handheld devices (such as a Tablet or Smartphone).

In your Browser use:


Suggested Web Browsers to use are (in order):

    1. Chrome - (by
    2. Firefox - (by
    3. Opera - (by Opera Software)

Since "Google Apps" is a Google "Product", using the "Google Chrome Browser" is by far your best bet. Firefox works equally well (based on our testing so far). Opera has some limitations, but in most cases will work just fine.

Please Note:

Google allows you to log into multiple accounts (in the same browser).

One issue with this is related to Google Drive.

In the same Browser ... If you log into multiple Google related accounts within the same domain, only the first (default) user / account that you log-in with will have full access to Google Drive. If you are using different domains ( and for example), then you will be able to access Drive for both accounts.

If you need to use Drive for two users within the same domain (your personal user and a specialty user both at for example), the way around the Drive access is to use two different browsers.

Navigating in your Google / RVUUF Account

The best place to start from (or return to) after you log into your RVUUF account through a Web Browser is:

When you visit this page, look in the upper-right corner of the browser window (on a Desktop or Laptop PC) to see if you are successfully logged-in. (If you see a "Sign In" link, then complete the log-in process.) Handheld devices (like Tablets and Phones) will allow similar navigation... please look those instructions up on the web if you need them.

To the left of your Account ID you will see a "Google Apps" icon, which looks like 9 square dots in a grid (like a number keypad).

    • Click on this Icon to see a list of commonly used "Apps" (applications) that you can access.

"Launch" (open) the app you want to accomplish your task.

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This Document / Page was prepared by the Technical Administrators of the:

Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (RVUUF)

of: Ashland, Oregon - USA

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